Jl. Sunan Ampel No.7 Kota Kediri Jawa Timur 64127

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Warm welcome to International Office and Partnership (IOP) of State Islamic Institute (IAIN) of Kediri

Warm welcome to International Office and Partnership (IOP) of State Islamic Institute (IAIN) of Kediri

  1. The establishment of a strong and solid unit through capacity-building and  adequately supporting infrastructures through institutional visits, conducive office spaces, and clear standard operating procedures:
  1. Supplying office equipment and administration;
  2. Making institutional visits to IOPs of other institutions;
  3. Instituting SOP and job descriptions;
  4. Conducting working retreat and internal consolidation;
  5. Administering a partnership data center.


  1.  Effective media and communication relations through both printed and digitalized publication, such as institutional profiles, websites, social media, etc.:
  1. Developing and maintaining a website;
  2. Launching IOP IAIN Kediri;
  3. Providing printed and digitalized materials of communication (profile, logo, leaflets, name cards, etc.;
  4. Administering social media accounts;
  5. Creating (English and Arabic) audio-visual institutional profile of IAIN Kediri.


  1. National or International trainings, seminars, and workshops that are aimed toward internalization of the institute
  1. Conducting international seminar on IOP;
  2. Conducting training on how to win international scholarship);
  3. Conducting workshop on Academic Writing;
  4. Conducting an joint seminar on specific issues;
  5. Developing database on scholarship opportunities.  


  1. Enhanced and expanded networks of cooperation with national and international partners on education reflected in signed Letter of Intents (LoIs) or Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs);
  1. Maintaining networks with national and international partners through emails, offline or online visits;
  2. Identifying and connecting with national and international potential partners;
  3. Preparing and signing LoIs or MoUs with institutional partners;
  4. Paving the way for students and faculty exchanges with other educational institutions;
  5. Recruiting Native English or Arabic instructors, such RELO or institution from the Middle East.


  1. Individual and collaborative researches with individual and institutional partners that are internationally acknowledged;
  1. Conducting at least one (individual or collaborative) international researches (yearly);
  2. Applying for international research grants;
  3. Sending faculty to speak at international conferences (yearly);
  4. Developing database on research fellowships, summer courses, or postdoctoral opportunities.


  1. Published articles and books that are targeting international readership;
  1. Translating (into English or Arabic) at least one selected book by faculty;
  2. Publishing at least one international publication (yearly);
  3. Facilitating publication of articles in Scopus-level journals;
  4. Publishing bilingual (English or Arabic) Monthly Newsletters.


  1. Initiatives of community outreaches that are targeting both national and international participants.
  1. Developing database on international community engagements
  2. Encouraging students or faculty to engage in national or international community activities;
  3. Applying for international grants on community engagement.