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State Institute for Islamic Studies (IAIN) Kediri is a state-sponsored Islamic higher education located at Kediri, East Java, Indonesia. Historically, it became one if the oldest institutes that laid the foundation for the emergence of state Islamic high education in East Java. It was first established in 1964 in Kediri through the Decree of The Indonesia’s Minister of Religious Affairs under the name of the Faculty of Ushuluddin (Islamic Theology), joining the other two already existing Islamic institutions: The Faculty of Shariah (Islamic Laws) in Surabaya and the Faculty of Tarbiyah (Islamic Education) in Malang. The three institutions were then merged into a state Islamic higher education centered in Surabaya. Due to its strategic position, geographically and culturally, the Faculty of Ushuluddin Kediri became a separate state institute with a focus on Comparative Religions.

Due to its rapid development and the increasing demand of the society, the Faculty of Ushuluddin was transformed into the State College for Islamic Studies (STAIN) Kediri in 1997. STAIN Kediri became one of the most prestigious and promising Islamic College, particularly in East Java, for over a twenty-years. In 2016-2018, it ranked at the first top of “The Most Popular Islamic College” in Indonesia for three consecutive years. In 2018, The President of The Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, issued a decree No. 26/2018 on the institutional transformation of STAIN Kediri into State Islamic Institute (IAIN) Kediri. This status marked a fundamental change in the history of the institution. Currently, it has nearly11.637 students spreading in four faculties in Bachelor’s degree and one Graduate Program. i.e. (1) Faculty of Ushuluddin dan Dakwah (Islamic Theology and Islamic Outreach); (2) Faculty of Tarbiyah (Islamic Education); (3) Faculty of Syariah (Islamic Laws); (4) Faculty of Ekonomi dan Bisnis Islam (Islamic Economy and Business); (5) Graduate Program in Islamic Studies. The institute has been nationally accredited “Good” by the Indonesia’s Ministry of Education.

International Office and Partnership (IOP) IAIN Kediri is established as an answer to facilitate the vision of ‘World Class University’ that has been enacted by the institute. During the past decade, the institute has been seriously taking the necessary efforts to enhance its institutional capacity both at the national and international levels. In addition to building institutional cooperation with national and local partners, it also invited many academics from all around the world to experience cultural and intellectual encounter with its academia. The institute has been also pursuing student and faculty mobility to international institutions under the schemes of student-exchange, collaborative researches, and joint seminars. Intellectual vibe and cultural richness, combined with excellent supporting facilities, have made the institute a magnet for national and international partnership and collaboration. This current positive development undoubtedly requires a concrete action of the leadership to push further for the realization of ‘a world class university’. 

Therefore, it is hoped that the presence of the IOP will escalate the internalization efforts in a more coordinated and integrated manner between the supporting units.  It is only by doing so that the institute could make use of the already available resources and potential in the best interests of national and international communities. The IOP IAIN Kediri is also expected to be at the frontline of internalization process as mandated by the Institute.